Architecte peintre scénographe

Author: Eugenie von Neipperg

Language: French


Format: 23 X 31 cm

336 Pages

Price: 75,00


A lavishly illustrated book on Russian-born architect and artist André Beloborodoff, and the first monograph published on his work.

From imperial Russia to the Rome of the 1960s, the work of architect, painter and scenographer André Beloborodoff (1886-1965) expresses his unique vision of the history of modernity. An enlightened Palladian, Beloborodoff designed palaces, châteaux and villas for Café Society patrons using modern construction techniques, such as reinforced concrete. The interior design of the Yusupov palace in Saint Petersburg, the Caulaincourt château in Picardy, and the Villa Pepoli for Maurice Sandoz in Rome - built at the same time as Le Corbusier's Cité radieuse - are witnesses to his timeless, stripped-down and refined classicism. He won the Prix de Rome in 1934, and subsequently spent many years living and working in Italy.