Deep Night

Author: David Nissen


Format: 31,5 X 21,5 cm

Price: 55,00

Deep Night

"To be contemplative is essential for a photographer : walking, driving while listening to music are ways for me to get inspiration. I am looking for places which impart a certain power, with a strong and interesting light atmosphere, able to tell a story and be an invitation to travel through the picture just like a director who is looking for locations in order to create the best story."

A 'cinematographic eye' guides my photographic walks. I am driven by the will to bring the spectactor into a fiction where he becomes an actor himself, is not inactive, creating an exchange of glances.

My approach of photography is deliberately pictorial and emotional. When I photograph, whether it is through grime on the window or through water, I am looking for a materiality, a thickness one can only find in paintings.

For me, cinematographer and photographer are two passions that merge and feed off one order to write a story with the light, like a return to the roots of photography."

David Nissen