Every Home needs a soft spot


Carpets and rugs have been part of our interiors since the beginning of time, from the first bearskin on the cave floor to the precious Savonnerie carpets of the Ch√Ęteau de Versailles. Their secret? Their versatility! Carpets cater to our senses: they keep the cold out and are warm and soft to the touch. They are storytellers, too, unfolding a tale of materials, craftsmanship and creativity. Whatever their style or period, carpets and rugs will give an interior an individual stamp and determine the atmosphere and relevance of the room.

This book caters to all tastes, with photographs of interiors featuring breathtaking carpet designs. Within its pages you will find plenty of unexpected inspirations and surprising combinations. The carpets and rugs in this book range from bold and colourful eye-catchers to traditional and minimalist designs that tie the whole room together.
All the carpets and rugs in this book have one thing in common: they are all pure eye candy and deserve their place at the very heart of our rooms.

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    24 x 29 cm

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    Lannoo Publishers

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