Moroccan Carpets


– This book provides an informative and in-depth look into the world of Moroccan carpets Françoise Dorget, a well-known personality on the Paris design scene has traveled all over the world. One place in particular – Morocco – captured her heart and she returned time and time again. Over the years, she amassed a collection of hundreds of Moroccan rugs from several regions all over the country. In Connections: Moroccan Carpets/Art/Architecture/Design, Dorget’s vast collection is on full-display. Using her extensive knowledge of design and art, Dorget pairs each carpet with a work of art, architecture, or one of memorable photographs she has taken on her travels – creating a personal, cultural, and meaningful link between the two images. The book includes information on each region’s design and weaving process and some of the artworks include works by such designers and architects as Philippe Starck, Isamo Noguchi, Ettore Sottsass, and Eileen Gray. Connections links cultures from all over the globe bringing them together into a cohesive and intellectually stimulating compilation. Text in English and French. Contents: Introduction; Crazy Color and Chaos; Black-and-White/Master Weavers; Dazzling Rugs; Free-spirited Designs; Author’s Notes; Photography Credits; Captions; Bibliography; Index; Biography; Acknowledgments.

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