Envies d’enfance : 55 recettes illustrées


Like a children’s book, this is a directory of recipes, for sweet and simple preparations, straight out of childhood memories. The illustrator Junko Nakamura has made a very delicate work using cut paper prints to illustrate 7 stories created by Stéphanie Rigogne-Lafranque, 7 worlds of magic with their recipes: sandman’s creams, polder bread, “doudou” soup, rose and raspberries brioche perdue…

Sugar and chocolate are not the only ingredients, as you will also find recipes of family dishes like grandma’s potatoes and mortadella cake, or this very tasty gratin that will become a winter classic. Because childhood and food are for Stéphanie Rigogne-Lafranque 2 inseparable passions, she offers us this book where taste mixes with tale, where adults world mixes with children world.

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    March 2013

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    20 x 17 cm

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    220 gr

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