Hubert Le Gall


Born in 1961, Hubert Le Gall is a sculptor, designer, scenographer. He studied economics and finance to please his family, but after he finished his studies, he started painting, mostly friends portraits (Jacques Garcia, Yaguel Didier).
Supports, where drawings, paintings and photos mix together, become table tops and allow the sculptor to get into interior design.
In 1997, his first exhibition at the gallery Avant-Scene, presents his collection inspired by plants: daisy tables or flower chest of drawers. Some pieces have now become timeless. He became famous with pieces like the Spectrum lamp, the Sculpture lamp, the flower pot armchair, the shaded rug, the window vase. His favorite material is bronze, but Hubert Le Gall likes all of them: plaster, resin, wood, glass and ceramic that he handles with great curiosity in his workshop in Montmartre (which used to belong to the painter Bonnard).

Working constantly using symbols, not forgetting humor, Hubert Le Gall plays with words and things, shapes and functions (function that is still essential for this ironic dialect). His flower tables are also trays and bookends, his flower bouquet is also a base for a vase, his chest of drawers have been worked on all the 4 faces, his flower pot is an armchair, his sheep is a chest of drawers , the Dorian mirror is a puzzle, the bull is a cabinet…
Crossing and assimilating references from other artists (Jean-Michel Frank, Jean Royère, André Dubreuil, Giacometti, Dalí, Jean-Pierre Raynaud) with animals, plants and geometry, Hubert Le Gall surprises us, touches us and makes us laugh.

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    March 2013

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    31 x 24 cm

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    Norma éditions

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