Jardins naturalistes

Les meilleures plantes vivaces


The reference book on the plants best suited to the naturalist garden and how to combine them. By Piet Oudolf, world famous Dutch landscape designer. New revised and expanded edition of this great classic of international garden literature, finally available in French. Naturalist plantations interpret the way in which plants grow together in nature to obtain cohesive, spectacular, durable sets that require almost no intervention.
After a brief introduction, this book reviews the genera, species, but above all the most interesting varieties for these uses, offering an often sharp and precise selection, making it possible to avoid many errors. It highlights plants that are too invasive or those that require permanent care to survive. Numerous thematic lists and planting plans still allow you to refine the choices according to the atmospheres or atmospheres sought and to understand how to arrange the plants in relation to each other.

“If the gardening world has rock stars, Piet Oudolf qualifies as Mick Jagger, David Bowie and Prince united in one.” Gardenista

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