(Contemporary Canadian ceramist, with American origins, ceramic, email, biomorphic, abstract shapes, minimals, sculptures, calabash, earthenware, porcelain, Sèvres…)
Living at the Cité de la céramic (ceramic city) since 2008, Kirstin McKirdy finishes her experience this year.
Ceramist and art historian, she searched inspiration in the national ceramic collection and in the workshops. This showroom aims to show 20 years of creations, richness and originality from Kirstin McKirdy.
Boudoir, Kristin McKirdy, 2012 © Gérard Jonca / Sèvres – Cité de la céramique
 . Creator with multi talents that are found in her art, she loves organic shapes, curves, and sharp angles when they enhance curves.
She also loves archeology, most of her work is a testimony to the first ceramists, like these polished bodies which evoke the first furniture art, or these shapes which represent the “perfect simplicity” of the first ceramics from the Mediterranean civilizations.
Famille, Kristin McKirdy, 2012. © Gérard Jonca / Sèvres – Cité de la céramique
. Her home in Sèvres also influenced her work. Kirstin McKirdy realized a dozen of projects nourished from photos dated of the 18th century,
celebrating the refinement that the artist brings back.

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