Les élégantes du Pays Basque


Eccentric villas, theatrical castelets, magnificent casinos: these buildings of exceptional architectures are very present in the Basque region. The variety of styles echoes with the richness of the inspirations, from regional to oriental, from exuberant baroque to pure Art Deco.
It also shows variety of personalities, writers, aristocrats, artists who made the basque region, their holiday destination, and architects who had the mission to make their dreams come true.
Villa Leïhorra, Abbadia castle, the casino in Biarritz, the Itsasoan footbridge… Each of all these realizations light up in a very preserved landscape, making architecture communicates in a audacious and harmonious way with nature: maybe this is the secret of their elegance?

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    27 x 24 cm

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    Les Beaux Jours

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