Les Serres


For the first time, a book on art gathers the twenty five best greenhouses of Europe, presenting each one of them in all its beauty and architectural originality. Adrien Buchet, architecture photograph, takes us to discover a fairy world at the service of plants and men. Reflecting on four years of discoveries on botanic, food, science, but also great architectural innovations, this journey, full in images, also includes three texts from famous scientists, who explain the role of the greenhouses through history. Françoise Hélène Jourda, architect, explains us how the contemporary greenhouse works, as an essential resource in a future city. Yves-Marie Alain, horticulturist and ex director of the Jardins des Plantes in Paris recalls the history of the greenhouses, from their beginning, in the 15th century, to nowadays. Last, Lucile Allorge, famous botanist, emphases the link between plants, botanics, scientific innovations and greenhouse creation.

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