A Legacy of Japanese Tea Ceramics


Beginning with the first-generation tea bowl master, Chojiro (-1589 ), the Raku family has a proud 430-year history of producing tea bowls for the tea ceremony.
This book contains a collection of full-color photographs of 206 works produced by the tea bowl masters of the Raku family from 1st-generation master Chojiro to 15th-generation Raku Kichizaemon (current family head) and his son, 16th-generation Raku Atsundo.
This is the first complete English version of the book, which presents representative works by the generations of Raku tea bowl masters who each reflected the sense of the time they lived in and brought their own original aesthetic sense to the creation of exquisite tea bowls.
The book includes a general introduction and commentary by Raku Kichizaemon on the generations of the Raku family and the works in the collection.

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