Saul Steinberg

Entre les lignes, catalogue de l'exposition


Its constantly evolving, multi-level, playful, rich visual language stands up to conventional critical categories. The artist does not deprive himself of any style by bringing together different genres with the sole aim of telling through drawing. He handles criticism with great skill in drawing, which allows him to tackle many social issues with humor.
The catalog, like the exhibition, highlights a work recently acquired by the Center Pompidou: “Art World Viewers”, shown on a single occasion in 1966. This monumental masterpiece is the subject of a detailed focus which explains its genesis and its history.
Saul Steinberg is not presented here only from the angle of carricature but as an artist with multiple faces, repertoires and techniques (drawing, collage, intervention on furniture, sculpture, etc.). He has inspired many designers, including Tomi Ungerer, Sempé, Siné, Bosc, Folon or Roland Topor.
The catalog is structured around three essays, one by Anne Monfort, the curator of the exhibition, followed by those by Valérie Loth and Jean-Pierre Criqui. These three texts are interspersed with unpublished excerpts from Saul Steinberg’s correspondence with Aldo Buzzi, a Milanese writer and architect, with whom he shares his amused and critical discovery of America in the 1940s, as well as his reflections on art. A substantial portfolio completes the catalog and brings together the most emblematic works of the satirical designer.

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