Yamamoto Masao

Son album


Sheep Village – Yamamoto Masao I walk in the wind of a mountain road and listen to the harmony flowing from the ridge line. A group of goats draw white dots on the slope. This is a bit difficult for a Japanese to understand. The sheep are only cattle here. S., the young breeder who allowed me to photograph his lambs, told me that he went down to work part of his time in the city because he couldn’t make a living from his sheep farm.

However, on my next visit, he also started raising chickens for eggs. He had finally decided to stay in the mountains and make a living there. M. and G. have a herd of mohair goats in the mountain. He takes care of the goats and she designs and produces beautiful objects with their wool: blankets, scarves and sweaters. They are colorful and extremely soft. I took some pictures of this couple and their goats on these heights.
The place made a magnificent studio.

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