Karl Lagerfeld : Fendi 50 Years

Author: Karl Lagerfeld

Language: English


Format: 23,6 X 36,1 cm

Karl Lagerfeld : Fendi 50 Years

This elaborate object offers an as-yet-unseen insight into Karl Lagerfeld's working processes as artistic director for Fendi, a position he has remarkably held since 1965. Fendi by Karl Lagerfeld traces Lagerfeld's unparalleled career at the luxury Roman fashion house, where he has revolutionized the craft of fur (both technically and artistically), and introduced the successful ready-to-wear and accessory lines that have transformed Fendi into a global fashion brand. Through the decades we see how Lagerfeld incorporates eclectic influences--from Eskimo designs and medieval armor to kimonos and the world of informatics--into his own progressive vision.

1 sketch pad with 137 drawings
1 pad with 55 logo designs
1 DVD folder
1 giant poster (folded)
1 portfolio with 5 drawings on Arches paper
3 readers
All housed in a wooden archive box