Classic portraits of Spanish and Latin American icons from Borges to Kahlo.

This hardcover volume presents more than 100 images from a unique part of German-born French photographer Gisèle Freund’s (1908-2000) oeuvre: her portraits of Spanish and Latin American personalities, intellectuals, writers and artists. These photographs follow Freund’s life journey, from her beginnings in Paris, through her period of exile in Argentina, her stays in Uruguay, Chile and Mexico, to her final stage back in Europe. During her time in these places, Freund took photographs of important personalities such as Julio Cortázar, Pablo Neruda, Nicolás Guillén, Octavio Paz, Alejo Carpentier, Vicente Huidobro, Jorge Luis Borges, Norah Borges, Guillermo de Torre, Eva Perón, Victoria Ocampo, Angélica Ocampo, María Rosa Oliver, Joaquín Torres García, Roberto Matta, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, Rufino Tamayo, José Clemente Orozco and David Alfaro Siqueiros, among others. Alongside these portraits are her photographs of the Latin American landscape.

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    mai 2022

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    16.5 x 24 cm

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    La Fabrica

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