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A rare glimpse into Korean hanok, Inside the Korean House takes readers on an unprecedented tour through the modern interiors of twelve magnificent tradional homes.

Amidst the glass-and-steel skyscrapers and luxury apartments of modern-day Seoul, traditional Korean houses known as hanok survive and play a surprisingly important role. Inside the Korean House showcases 12 very special hanok that have been selected to reflect the style-conscious Korea of today, a country where traditional values are still highly respected.

While the exteriors of these homes are indistinguishable from the traditional hanok of the past, the interiors have been adapted to keep up with the times. Traditional stone, wood and clay are still the basic materials used, and the houses make full use of natural elements such as wind and sunlight based on the principles of baesanimsu-which position the hanok in harmony with the forces of nature and the geography of their sites.

The hanok in this book all have unique stories that are told from the point of view of their owners, many of whom are well-known architects, designers and business leaders. The book provides an unparalleled look at the lifestyle of contemporary Koreans who are leading the world now in terms of design, fashion and innovation.

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    mars 2024

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