Mademoiselle Chanel’s «Russian» period is a celebrated episode in her remarkable story. This book explores the events surrounding a fruitful encounter between two exceptional women: Maria Pavlovna, Grand Duchess of Russia, and Gabrielle Chanel. Two women with almost nothing in common who in the 1920s found themselves united by a mutual passion: their love of embroidery. Born in Saint Petersburg in 1890, Maria Pavlovna was a cousin, niece and granddaughter of the last three Tsars of Russia. Brought up amid the opulence of the Romanov court, she fled her country after the Revolution in 1917, and with her brother Dmitri found refuge in Paris in 1921. From her encounter with Chanel, already a famous fashion designer, was to spring the Kitmir embroidery atelier, with its glorious creations inspired not only by Slav culture but also by the decorative traditions of Persia, China and India. In this sumptuously illustrated book, Nadia Albertini and Sophie Kurkdjian, historians of fashion and embroidery, introduce us to the mystery and magic of Kitmir, revealing embroidery samples preserved by Maison Hurel ever since the workshop closed in 1929, as well as the superb designs createt vby Chanel during these years, reproduced here for the first time. Offering illuminating insights that will intrigue all lovers of haute couture and anyone with an interest in fashion history, this book restores Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna to her rightful place in the forefront of the history of fashion.

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    février 2024

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    24 x 30 cm

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    Gourcuff Gradenigo

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