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Into the Wild book is an important book for Spring 2022 as it depicts people choosing an alternative lifestyle of living for surf rather than living to work due to social economic pressures. To them surf is a way of life and they love to drive their cars to where the best waves are, sleep overnight and wake up to surf the best waves. Sometimes they even surf at night during the full moon periods. This is a definite change of mentality of the younger generation right now – the youth who choose to live in the moment and enjoy an alternative lifestyle.

This is a book about surfing and speaking to surfers. The journalist who is interviewing the surfers is a surfer himself and works for Stab Magazine – a well respected surf magazine based in LA that has a big online presence. They also plan big surf events and competitions so its very good for promotion to have their support.

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    mars 2022

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    30 x 24 cm

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    820 gr

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