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Stephen Sills is renowned for his ability to design not just innovative and beautiful rooms but to establish an all-pervading atmosphere of luxury and calm. Yet the homes he creates are always practical and up to date. He knows that the desire for comfort, functionality, and convenience are constants, but he also understands that the quest for beauty, serenity, and refinement is paramount, and in our ever more frantic and disruptive world only more rare and precious. In his new book, he details all the elements that go into bringing to fruition his harmonious, even poetic vision of living as a creative act. The book serves as an invaluable resource for any design lover or student. It covers the evolution of Sill s style, in many cases honed on numerous projects for the same client, from renovations of historic buildings to ground-up new construction. The designer discusses how he educates his eye, discovers new artisans, and keeps abreast of trends, technology, and material innovations. Plus he reveals some of his favourite resources, from little known foreign auction houses to the discount racks of major American home-furnishing chains. The array of stunning rooms is backed by practical information, and hard-won wisdom gained as Sills career expanded from the design of his own iconic Manhattan studio apartment to vast estates across the United States and in Europe.

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    octobre 2022

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    25.4 x 30.5 cm

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