« I like the idea of a very diversified book program.
I am only guided in my choices by my intense curiosity and the unlimited range of things which interest me. To know, to be informed, is a great luxury.

Books are the best company you can keep and they give you the most enchanting pleasure. So I make little choices in some undiscovered or forgotten parts of the endless continents of knowledge, poetry and visual beauty.

Versality is not futility. I love the mix of the important and the apparently unimportant. That’s also the way life is. Books are sufficient to themselves. They ask for nothing, they are silently patient, but they are always there for you. There is no distance between books and us. It’s breath-takingly easy to open a book.

Computer screens will never have this physical appeal and ease.
Books don’t harass us. They should be an everyday affair.
I could not dare to live without them. They never disappoint you, but they help you look at things with a different delight and a more informed eye.
That’s why, I think, books are so important. »

Karl Lagerfeld

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