Annette Messager


Annette Messager is the first artist to be invited to create a signed work limited to fifty copies exclusively for this Book Box. An internationally acclaimed French artist, Messager has always intertwined drawings, words and fragments of everyday life in her work, revisiting her real or fictional memories with wit and poetry.

The Annette Messager Book Box resembles her in the precision and multiplicity of its contents. It consists of a beautiful book, two works of literature chosen by her, a free newspaper for which she is the special guest, and a monograph chosen by 7L booksellers that brings together her most recent drawings.

This box contains :

  • Tête à Tête Annette Messager, Heni Publishing. (FR)
  • 7, Reece Mews. L’Atelier de Francis Bacon, Préface de John Edwards, Photographies de Perry Ogden, Éditions Thames & Hudson. (FR)
  • La Promesse de l’aube de Romain Gary, Éditions Gallimard.(FR)
  • L’Homme assis dans le couloir de Marguerite Duras, Les Éditions de Minuit. (FR)
  • Mon Bestiaire Annette Messager, publication libre #2 par Christophe Leflot et Stéphane Mortier sous la direction d’Annette Messager. (FR)
  • a signed work limited to fifty copies
  • The 7L totebag ” the Great”


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