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With a career spanning more than sixty years, the renowned painter Gerhard Richter is one of the greatest artists of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. This book celebrates the artist’s continued dedication to experimentation and innovation.

The Abstract Pictures were created when Richter, a few years ago, poured colored enamel paints onto a glass plate and allowed them to flow into one another in order to take shapes. He then captured these ephemeral moments with his camera and selected 100 of these “pictures” for inclusion in the book alongside equally abstract texts formed by randomly generated letter combinations.

An artwork of its own, this intimate volume inspires both close looking and a beautiful interpretation of abstraction.

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  • Publishing date

    June 2023

  • Size

    16.6 x 23.5 cm

  • Editor

    David Zwirner

  • Weight

    435 gr

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