Moinard Bétaille

Author: Bruno Moinard, Claire Bétaille

Language: French/English


Format: 24 X 24 cm

195 Pages

Price: 50,00

Moinard Bétaille

Bruno Moinard and Claire Bétaille share 25 years of creating iconic French luxury interiors. An essential book for lovers of the art of living. Bruno Moinard and Claire Bétaille, interior designers, travel the world as ambassadors of French luxury. This book traces 25 years of creation, without limit of resources and ideas, for the big luxury brands, palaces, starred restaurants and an exceptional private clientele, from Paris to London, from Tokyo to Shanghai, from 'Hotel Eden in Rome at the Plaza Athénée, passing through the London addresses of Alain Ducasse or Anne-Sophie Pic. The creative luxury of interior designers Moinard Bétaille is made up of pure, simple and elegant volumes, with sophisticated and contemporary lines, rich in material contrasts. A style made to last, beyond any fad. From the initial drawing to the most subtle details, the very rich iconography of this beautiful book allows us to discover the universe and the vision of two creators of the art of living.