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The starting point for this book is Evelyn Hofer’s Dublin: A Portrait, which enjoyed great popularity upon its original publication in 1967, and featured an in-depth essay by the well-known British critic and memoirist V.S. Pritchett. Dublin: A Portrait is an example of Evelyn Hofer’s (1922-2009) perhaps most important body of work, namely her city portraits–books that present comprehensive prose texts by renowned authors alongside her self-contained visual essays with their own narratives. Dublin: A Portrait was the last book published in this legendary series.

This newly conceived edition of Dublin focuses on the photos Hofer took on behalf of the publisher Harper & Row in 1965 and 1966. In Dublin Hofer repeatedly turned her camera to sights of the city, but mainly to the people who constituted its essence. She made numerous portraits–of writers and public figures, or unknown people in the streets. Her portraits give evidence of an intense, respectful engagement with her subjects, who participate as equal partners in the process of photographing.

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    July 2023

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