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With this beautiful book you will literally bring the summery hippy-chic ‘Ibiza’ atmosphere into your home. With the most beautiful interiors and stunning photography – where you can imagine yourself in the azure bays – Architectural Digest journalist Gala Mora offers you a unique look into the Mediterranean-inspired homes of top designers and creative minds. The interiors breathe sun, sea and beach. Enjoy beautiful design surrounded by breathtaking nature. Open spaces that seemingly flow without boundary into a terrace, garden or beach. Two hundred and fifty-six pages full of exclusive and archetypal interiors that reflect one hundred percent what the island’s way of living stands for. Ibiza Interiors is the third volume in the successful urban interiors series for lovers of design, architecture and interior design. Also available in the series: London Interiors ISBN 9789401485258; Barcelona Interiors ISBN 9789401485586.

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  • Publishing date

    November 2023

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    22 x 28 cm

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    1000 gr

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