Isabelle Emmerique creates glosses since 1980. She kept her archive, memory of her works, all gone to different collections! To know her work, you will need to go to Vienna, in Austria, where she reproduced, in a private house, a 30s lounge, in a contemporary villa in Moscow, or in a design hotel in Paris.
Her latest workshops, lead her to design elements of a global decor, instead of isolated works: gloss panels, rugs, lights.
Like her predecessors, Isabelle becomes interior designer – decorator. In parallel, she carries on her researches on a theme that takes us to the middle of the world…
Opening this book, the smell of turpentine, the silent and studious atmosphere of a gloss workshop, instantly impose their seduction.

  • Pages


  • Language

    French / English

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  • Size

    25 x 31 cm

  • Editor

    Nicolas Chaudun

  • Weight

    1590 gr

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