Le ruban : c’est la mode



Some objects have the capacity of bringing together past, present and future. This is the case with ribbons, the focus of this work and one which takes us on an original and informative journey along the former silk roads and right up to modern-day textiles and haute couture.

The catalogue gives a sensitive account of the history of this industry, one that allies artistic creativity and mechanical production, the refinement of fashion and the practicality of design : colours, textures, simple or more complicated motifs bear witness to the double-edged character of ribbons, both modern and traditional.

One of the key elements in this story is the town of Saint-Etienne which has been a mecca for ribbon-making know-how since the eighteenth century. The town’s Musée d’Art et d’Industrie is also home to the biggest collection of ribbons in the world. Its famous dynasties of ribbon makers along with its social fabric and the places at the centre of this unique industrial adventure are highlighted here by various pluridisciplinary contributions and photographic reports.

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